Major Cocaine Drug Bust In Hong Kong

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Here we see Hong Kong authorities sorting through bag after bag after bag of cocaine. It's the largest cocaine bust in the city’s history according to announcement made by Hong Kong customs earlier today.

On July 4th, going off a tip from US counterparts, local media and drug enforcement agents opened a container from Ecuador. It was on its way to an industrial area in the remote New Territories. What they found was staggering – nearly one ton of cocaine.

[John Lee, Head of Hong Kong Customs Drug Investigation Bureau]:
"In fact, we saw the cocaine right there, the very moment we opened the door of the container. Our preliminary investigation doesn't exclude the possibility that port staff in the South American countries placed the drugs into the containers. We will follow up in this case."

When it was weighed out and bagged, the total amount of the drug came to an incredible 650 kilograms, or 1,433 pounds. That’s a street value of $98 million. And considering the average dose for snorting cocaine is between 50 to 150 milligrams, it would have kept someone in business for quite some time.

Investigations are ongoing. According to Hong Kong’s Cable TV, three men, including the driver, have been arrested and questioned by Hong Kong's law enforcement team.