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    Cell Phone Tower and Power line Dangers Gia Wellness Protection

    Jennifer Smith

    by Jennifer Smith


    The Electromagnetic Radiation Alliance of Australia (EMRAA) supports the recommendations of the report released today by the Chair of the Senate Inquiry into EMR, recommending:

    1 Precautionary measures for the placement of power lines
    2 Information advising parents and children of the risk of mobile phone use
    3 Testing, Labelling and regulation of protective devices for mobile phones
    4 Changes to the Low Impact Determination that would require all mobile phone base stations to be subject to Council approval
    5 A centralised registry to record reports of health problems from mobile phones and related technology
    6 Additional funding for independent research into the safety of mobile phone technology
    7 Establishment of a specialised EMR research unit at the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
    8 No increases to exposure levels in the new standard.