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    The False in a True Video Sharing Glasses

    Lareina Cox

    por Lareina Cox

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    he unwavering ingress of the new sunglasses into a becoming technology oriented business industry meets with a suspension of a crowd funding website, kickstarter because of the said suspicious history with spamming and well as the inconsistencies. The so-called video sharing sunglasses enables user to have two different gadgets that can get transform into other functionality. The sunglasses has a camera places in between the lenses where it can be use to record or capture videos of the memorable event of your life or even the toughest part which then can save to the SD card built in the sunglasses. It can transform into sunglasses by just flipping a switch to active the opposition. However, Micron Associates pointed out that this kind of development by IndieGoGois said has an inherent risks.In addition, the concept itself isn’t complex. A pinhole camera is installed in the bridge of the glasses, with the video simply fed to an SD card. To darken the lenses, the project will use “chromatic shifting conductive glass.” An electrical current, typically just 1 volt, is applied to the conducting carbon layer that coats the lenses, which tints them. The layer itself is just 30 micrometers thin (about a third the width of a human hair). So far, the IndieGoGo project has raised nearly half of its $50,000 goal. To snag the final product will run you $189, and the glasses will later retail for $299.While there is little to suggest that Vergence Labs has any attachment with ZionEyez, the team does have a troubled history. VergenceLab’s project was suspended by Kickstarter only days ago, despite reaching $63,790 pledged of its $50,000 goal. Kickstarterwaned to comment on its reason, but spam may have been at play. One Twitter account promoting the project has almost 7,000 tweets in a matter of a few days.