Smoking Orangutan to Enter Rehab

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Smoking Orangutan to Enter Rehab - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

Getting rid of a smoking habit can be difficult for animals just like for humans.

A zoo in Indonesia is trying hard to get a female orangutan to stop smoking.

Taru Jurug zoo is located in the Java region of Indonesia.

The female organutan, Tori, developed her smoking habit after visitors started throwing cigarette into the zoo area where she lives.

Now, whenever she does not get a cigarette she starts throwing stuff and gets upset.

In order to kick her habit, the zoo will be sending Tori along with her mate Didik to an island so she can be away from any visitors throwing cigarettes towards her.

Orangutans are native to Malaysia and Indonesia and have a high degree of intelligence. They are known to build complex nests each night for protection. They are selective about branches they use for their nest based on their weight and other properties.

The population of orangutans have declined precipitously due to poaching and deforestation. Several organizations are dedicated to preserving their population. And that's why it's important that someone like Tori be kept away from cigarettes.

What do you think - what should be done to stop Tori from smoking?