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    Groping Man Cites Caffeine as Defense in Court

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    Groping Man Cites Caffeine as Defense in Court - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Court defense strategies seem to get more bizarre and some would argue, creative as time goes on. A 52 year old Washington man is claiming ‘an excessive intake of caffeine’ was to blame for his heinous behavior, causing him to molest several teenage females and fondle a grown woman. He was a school bus driver when he touched a middle aged woman’s breasts and later grabbed her back side while attending a school volleyball game. Following the sporting event, he fondled two teenage girls waiting outside a school bus, followed other players onto the bus and inappropriately touched yet another young girl before being told to exit the vehicle. Court officials didn’t buy Sands’ defense, sentencing the man to 5 months in prison.

    Other defendants have also cited bizarre defenses. Recently, a man from Connecticut claimed to have robbed a woman at knifepoint because he was sleepwalking. Decades ago, Dan White, the infamous San Francisco killer used a ‘Twinkie defense’, claiming the sugar intake cause him to commit murder.

    What's the most bizarre defense excuse you have heard of?