Powerboat Saga Video 1 (montage Windows7)

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Frédéric Frédéric
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Les KV sont lachés!!!! Le Saga un Cata beau et Rapide
(Mes excuses pour la qualité du montage mais c est le premier sous Windows 7.)..

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i prefer systems with to be installed with win8.1 over win7 if i could get the choice with an ssd upgrade. 8.1's not perfect entirely, but i like it better. it's clickier and resolves some external device issues that windows xp/7 had. the menus and interface have useful controls.

went through a few places for cheap 8.1 pro keys in the past few months.

cheap keys with some quick service and offers customer service, during any time of day is:

they offer promotions and special discounts and even refunds for issues that can't be resolved.
my win8.1 pro on a netbook activated on the spot.

delivery time was within six hours for me. purchased 2am, got the key @ 3am that same morning, which was good. some sellers can take longer, which is annoying. worth the price if getting it for twice as much doesn't appeal to people, especially upgrading old systems...

"classic shell" is the best one by far. i paid for start8 when it first came out, and classic shell is 100x better!
Par Tedabilski335 en mars
Super au départ je voulais celui la puis j ai flache sur le Genesis
Par Rouquette Joel il y a 2 ans