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    Dentist Claremont, Missing Back Teeth Consequences, Headaches Upland, Shoulder Pain La Verne CA, Dentist Montclair


    by DentistClaremont


    Dentist Claremont, Dr. Patel, speaks about missing back teeth problems and health consequences. If a person has missing teeth in the back of the mouth for a few or several years, this dental problem can affect the muscular function of the mouth. Missing teeth, in general, can cause wrinkles in the face, cause dislocation of the jaw, and chewing problems. However, Dr. Vijay Patel mentions that some of the most common seen problems caused by missing teeth are headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain, jaw misalignment, TMJ disorder, and lower back pain, amongst others. There are three available options to replacing missing teeth. The options available to replacing missing teeth are dental implants, dental crowns, or dental bridges. For more information about missing back teeth treatments, visit Dentist Claremont at

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