Extreme Love: Autism


by ahayee

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Incredible documentary maker Louis Theroux, brings another amazing world onto our screens.


I have a son with autism and it's a sometimes sad, lonely, and tough journey. My son is not as severe as these kids, but as Joey's mom said he has communication but extreme behaviors. I know meds aren't for every family but without them my son couldn't live at home. Before anyone comes down on Brian's mother how would you feel knowing that your child had profound autism, and was likely to remain that way long after you leave the earth? I think she contributed to the behaviors by coddling him and treating him like a baby, as he was calmer towards Louis than his mother. Louis also respected him, and for his mom's frenetic nature, loud voice, and overbearing tendencies overwhelmed him.
By Misty Jolly Aoudia August
As a parent of a son with autism I can tell you it is really a tough job! The video tels a realistic story. I never had meds, it's not a common thing, but there have been times I thought about going to the doctor. Especially when my son was going trough puberty. Wich, of course is a difficult time for everybody :-)
By Lucia June
@Innis R. Pichakao. It's not a common thing, but as a parent of a son with autism I can tell you it is a tough job! My son has Asperger with an IQ145. So really intelligent, but still. They cannot understand why people do, think, feel the way they do. So that's really frustrating to them and you cannot make them understand. They feel so often misunderstood themselves. All this misunderstanding every day...imagine! It's a live full of frustrations every day and they have to deal with it somehow and the parents too. The tantrums especially, are hard to deal with! Besides all that, you love your child, no matter what, but as a parent you can only give love to a child with autism, you don't get back the love very often. At least not in the way as we would like, a spontaneous hug for example. I now my son loves me and I love him. I had never medication, but there where times I had so much stress! Especially during puberty! I can imagine, some parents need a support in medication. My son is 18 now and still at home. He studies at the university and started with meds himself. Abilify helps him not to reach the "top". That doesn't cure autism, but it makes life easier for the both of us. This video tells a great story!
By Lucia June
I have a question for any parents of autistic children who might be willing to answer this: Do parents of autistic children ever need anti-anxiety medication, or is it common for the parents to take such types of medication? I feel so anxious just watching this, almost like I'm going to have a panic attack. I can't imagine how I'd cope with a child screaming and hitting himself/herself. Maybe it's different when it's your own child? P.S. Thanks to any parent who is gracious enough to answer this. :-)
@jewelrymaker. You clearly don't have a child with autism, I do, so I forgive you as you don't no what it's like. Some advice, of course you can have your opinion, but becareful with words. Words hurt more than sticks and stones.....
By Lucia April

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