Extreme Love: Autism

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by ahayee

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Incredible documentary maker Louis Theroux, brings another amazing world onto our screens.


all these fat ppl. Feeding your kids DONUTS!? Really??
By Luc Verhoeven 2 weeks ago
At what point is just strangling your child considered the better option
By Dre Ruiz 3 weeks ago
Dude, that's the Captain N Next Generation kid at 5:20
By killamoe March
I have autism, but it's in the high functioning spectrum. This video was a real eye opener to me. I used to bash myself on my disorder, causing me to end up with severe depression. Looking at how these kids are, it's incredible to see the similarities between their behavior and mine. I feel bad for my mother having to raise me, I wouldn't be surprised if I was an unnecessary challenge for her. Medication never worked for me, it would just make me angry. To parents of autistic children: I can't promise this is the case for all autistic children, but we are observers, and while it might be incredibly difficult to communicate, we aren't necessarily dumb. I'll admit however, that typing this was an effort. I'm not the fastest kid on the block. Ugh.
By Justin Wallace January
I have a son with autism and it's a sometimes sad, lonely, and tough journey. My son is not as severe as these kids, but as Joey's mom said he has communication but extreme behaviors. I know meds aren't for every family but without them my son couldn't live at home. Before anyone comes down on Brian's mother how would you feel knowing that your child had profound autism, and was likely to remain that way long after you leave the earth? I think she contributed to the behaviors by coddling him and treating him like a baby, as he was calmer towards Louis than his mother. Louis also respected him, and for his mom's frenetic nature, loud voice, and overbearing tendencies overwhelmed him.
By Misty Jolly Aoudia August
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