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    merchant cash advance los angeles


    by dannydiller

    Business cash advance.
    Do you want Working Capital and get cash even with Bad Credit..?
    IF you have been turned down and are in need of Working Capital,
    but have no where to go!! Look NO FURTHER! We can help!!!!
    When your bank/investor turns down your loan request, take a look at US!!
    If your Business accepts "credit cards"... they're probably sitting on a
    pile of cash. In just 7 to 10 business days, that money can be in their
    hands or Sooner!
    No Collateral • No Application Fees • No Closing Fees
    Advances of $10,000, $50,000, $250,000 , $1,000,000+
    Expand, Remodel or Refurbish
    Pay Bills, Consolidate Debt
    Open Additional Locations
    Buy New Equipment!
    It's All up to you!
    Boost Your Inventory
    Low FICO -- 500+
    No Personal Guarantee
    No Closing Costs!
    Funding Dealerships, Spas, Salons, Hotels, Inns, Email Mail Order Co.s, Convenient Stores, Web Hosting Co.s, Restaurants, Fast Food Chains, Storage Warehouses, Dry Cleaners,
    Coffee Shops, Bookstores, Alarm Co.s, virtually any Business with a Merchant Account.
    (Qualifying amount is based on monthly volume.) Minimum amount $10K to $1M+
    Use the cash for literally any purpose with absolutely no restrictions!
    A great ALTERNATIVE! Raise Capital for investments, bridge, down payments...
    Our un-intrusive application process is nothing like applying for a bank loan. That's because it's not a loan... It's an advance. You can be approved in as little as 48 hours with surprisingly little paperwork. And with our flexible repayment schedule, if your sales slow a bit, repayment slows too. There are no fixed payments to be made. Repayment is simple and automatic....just a small percentage of your future credit card sales
    Experience for yourself how Capital Advance is revolutionizing small to medium size business funding .
    Funding daily Nationwide !!!
    Call for all the details and an application.
    Call Don
    Capital Advance
    Non Recourse
    No Upfront Fees
    No Docs
    Must be Free Trading
    3 to 5% Interest 3 5 7 10 yrs.