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    Reflective Insulation: A New Method to Save Money on Electricity Expenses


    by dm_4ff68130a378c

    Reflective Insulation: A New Method to Save Money on Electricity Expenses

    You may have been told about reflective insulation from some of your associates or neighbors. Maybe you spotted a page or even an offer for the product. Yet you may have come to be acquainted with the words, reflective insulation is surely something energy-conscious householders need to know more about.

    Reflective insulation goes by a variety of names. You may know it as radiant barrier insulation or reflective foil insulation. Yet in spite of what you name it, it is effective, and it works great! If you won't believe me just yet, keep reading and you as well will see how you can reap some benefits from this wonderful product.

    Reflective insulation is economical, energy efficient and very easy to install. Its best benefit, though, is what it will save you both in the short-term and long-term. That's why it's a good idea to keep a record of all of your expenses from the start -- the insulation itself, the tools and materials needed to install it and labor fees, your own or someone else's. It's an even more effective idea to keep a copy of your electricity expenses for the last 12 months and compare and contrast them to the utility bills you receive over the next year. My guess is that you'll get back your initial cost in three years or less, most definitely if you take advantage of the $500 tax credit available this year, and you'll lower your utility bills by around $800.00 annually.

    Aside from conserving you a bunch of money, reflective insulation also helps save the environment. By utilizing less energy or gas to warm your home, you are actually doing your part to preserve this precious fuel source. Yes, you understand right, reflective insulation helps you to save money and helps you to do your part with the environment. It doesn't get more desirable than this approach!

    The estimate is based upon energy consumption by a family of four living in a 2,100 square foot home in St. Louis, currently paying about $2,400.00 per year to heat and cool their home. Relating to the U.S. Department of Energy, 68% of the households throughout the state of Missouri use natural gas; however 24% use electricity to heat and cool their homes and electricity consumption costs far more. If you happen to be one of those households, your savings per year could be even larger.

    Conserving money is generally a excellent thing, but it is certainly good nowadays. So if you're looking to save money on your next energy bill, keep in mind to look into reflective insulation today. This thing will work amazing things for you. I assure it!.