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    The short life of Older Father, the long life span of their offspring


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    According to the study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Fathers who are preferred to have children until they’re almost at the age of 40 may provide their offspring a longer life. The children will inherit the longer telomeres, caps at the end of the chromosomes which then protects them from the so-called degeneration. The longer telomeres provide slower aging and may mean a longer lifespan. However, based from the research the older a man reproduces child is likely to produce disorders like autism. Moreover, older fathers have a chance to lower intelligence scores than those born to younger men.

    A study author and doctoral student at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois- Dan Eisenberg. He said that most of literature also suggests risks from paternal age .The longer telomerse may delay sexual development, and direct the body’s energy into maintaining itself and staying healthy, he added. In addition, the late fatherhood may serve as a signal that mortality rates are low.The benefit was also seen in grandchildren of men who became fathers at later ages.
    The correlation held regardless of whether the families were rich or poor, the study said.