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The New Commandment of JESUS - PAIVA NETTO - Religion of God - LGW - Ecumenical - USA

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Treatise on the Spiritually Revolutionary New Commandment of Jesus, gathered by educator Paiva Netto, in conformity with the Gospel of the Christ of God according to John, 13:34 and 35; 15:12 to 17 and 9.

Legion of Good Will - United States
36 W 44th Street
New York, NY - 10036
(646) 398-7128 / (646) 398-7142

Temple of Good Will
"The TGW is the Portal of the Third Millennium", stated psychic Luy Vieira during a moment of inspiration when she visited the sublime atmosphere of the Temple of Good Will which in this picture it appears beautiful and imposing (on the right) beside its administrative offices (center) and the World Parliament of Ecumenical Fraternity, the LGW's ParlaMundi. The Temple is the most visited monument of Brasília (Brazil's Federal District) according to data from the Secretaria de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Turismo do Distrito Federal - SDET (Brasília's Tourism Office).
Unrestricted and Total Ecumenism, Ecumenism of Souls, in Brasília/DF. Brazil - SGAS 915. Lots 75 and 76. Tel: (61) 3114-1070.