Garbage interview - Shirley Manson and Steve Marker (part 1)

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Shirley and Steve about Fire Town, Angelfish, frontsinger, self doubt, first audition, writing songs

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Video interview with Scottish singer Shirley Manson and American guitarist Steve Marker of the alternative rock band Garbage. FaceCulture spoke to Manson and Marker about the bands Fire Town and Angelfish, being a front singer, self doubt, first audition, writing songs, the first album Garbage (1995), own identity, insecurity, united force, second record, confidence, success, pressure, cultural zeitgeist, fresh sound, computers, strong female, riot grrl movement, grunge, the third album Beautiful Garbage, 9/11, different direction, music business, fourth album Bleed Like Me, tension, record label, time off, losing perspective, starting point new album, the song Battle in Me, reclaim the magic, death of mother, changing perspective, album title Not Your Kind Of People, writing process, Catcher In The Rye and phoney people. (19/06/2012)

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