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    Benda Bilili! Interviews


    by EmpireMagazine

    Benda Bilili! Interviews
    The directors on this year's Buena Vista Social Club


    Benda Bilili! ("beyond appearances") is possibly the most uplifting 90 movie minutes you'll see this year. A music documentary in the spirit of Buena Vista Social Club, it's two parallel tales of redemption in one. The movie follows a small collective of Congolese musicians, four of whom are paraplegic, from the streets of Kinshasa to acclaim at the festivals of Europe. Their music is magical and their story inspiring. We chatted to the film's two French directors, Renaud Barret and Florent de La Tullaye, about how the film was redemption for them too, as they found their calling on the mean streets of Kinshasa. Sound corny? Trust us, it's far from it.