Digimon Xros Wars - The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time - Episode 29 - Taiki and Kiriha VS The Bagra Army: The Full-Scale Showdown!


by Crunchyroll

Taiki's team arrives in the Sword Zone, where swordsman Digimon test their skills in fair fights with one another. But then the Bagra Army's swordsman unit, led by Grademon, launches an attack. Xros Heart defeats them and gains the Zone's Code Crown, but then the dying Grademon is reborn as a good Digimon and, ashamed of his transformation, runs away. Soon Kiriha arrives and tells Taiki that he has just obtained the last of the Code Crowns, and that the Digital World has begun to reform. But then, finally, Tactimon appears and an epic battle begins!