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    GHI VS. The Church of the Damned

    Roland P. Sasquatch

    by Roland P. Sasquatch

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    Amateur stuff guys! Come in laughing and joking, not the stealthiest of people eh! ;-)

    I think if there were ghosts you'd defo tick them off, even if they were nice haha
    By michael6969255 years ago
    attempting to 'entertain' the ghosts is a very creative and unique approach.

    You guys are "ghost chasers" in the sense that you'll likely 'chase all ghosts away' !

    however, the line "give us a sign,but not violent " ain't gonna work everywhere !

    Trust you know the difference between ghosts and DEMONS!

    take care,
    PIT (Paranormal Investigative Team )

    By termikesmotion7 years ago
    Totally stupid.... those guys aren't serious ! they don't even know the world of spirits....Just young people playing in a church without knowing what they are doing...kidding, dancing and so, trying to approch a spirit not a "ghost" guys, coz it's not the good word for that...Where is your respect for the spirits that video i just see that you all try to show off talkin' about patrick swayze or those stuff! Childish... Before doing those stuff learn respect and paranormal world...
    By ripoux1er8 years ago
    g rien vu de paranormal mais sa vous fait plaisir d'y croire!!
    By pop712008 years ago
    tout ce que j'ai vu c'est 3 mecs ki samusent avec une lampe et un mec ki film en plus on voit pas sa tête donc il simule il a meme pa laché la caméra...pi ya rien dotre sur la vidéo...
    By Blablabla9 years ago
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