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SOKO :: Destruction Of The Disgusting Ugly Hate (Official Video)

il y a 5 ans2.3K views



Directed by : Soko

Filmed by : Jimmy Mehiel, Soko, Teddy Cecil, Adarsha Benjamin.

Edited ( and Magic ) by : Jimmy Mehiel

Production Assistant : Ericka Clevenger

Make up : Sweet P & Bethany McCarty

Shot on: VHS, 8mm, GoPro, iPhone, 5D Mark III, 7D

Alien by @Alterian


Jimmy Mehiel for his awesomeness,
Christopher Mansfield for lending his tattoos,
Caleb for lending his Green Screen,
Tony Gardner for lending his Alien,
AND THE AMAZING Sam Spiegel, Stella Mozgawa, Anaïs Mehiel, Ericka Clevenger, Adarsha Benjamin, Sweet P & Bethany McCarty for their magic..

Shot in Los Angeles, April 2012