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    Ingrown Toenails - Podiatrist - Austintown, Youngstown, OH - Mitchell Dalvin


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    Ingrown Toenails - Podiatrist in Austintown and Youngstown, OH - Mitchell Dalvin, DPM

    Dr. Mitchell Dalvin discusses the symptoms, causes and treatments for Ingrown Toenails.

    Ingrown Nails
    Ingrown nails are a common problem caused by the edge of a toenail pressing into the skin and causing pain. If the toenail cuts into the skin, the toe will become infected.
    Treatment involves trimming the nail away from the skin. We all learn that toenails are supposed to be cut straight across, but more has to be done when a toenail is ingrown and causing pain.
    If the toe is infected, Dr. Dalvin will administer a local anesthetic to make the toe numb. Sterile instruments are used the trim away the portion of nail causing the problem and the infection is thoroughly cleaned out. Antibiotics are prescribed if needed.
    If an ingrown nail problem returns after trimming away the nail, permanent ingrown nail correction is available and recommended.
    Permanent ingrown nail