Czechs Commemorate Communist-era Victims

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A solemn atmosphere at a memorial to communist era victims in Prague.

High level constitutional representatives commemorated the Czechoslovakian communist regime's victims by laying flower wreaths and then spoke about communist-era crimes.

The Vice Chairman of the Senate said that communist crimes are not confined to imprisonment in labor camps and summary executions but also the destruction of the human character and environmental degradation.

[Premysl Sobotka, Vice-chairman of Czech Senate]:
"It is neccesary to remind people of the devastation to the natural environment and the numerous points of cultural significance, but also of the warped education leading to lies and deception that pressed people into passivity and lack of independence."

[Tomas Chalupa, Environment Minister]:
"Tens of millions of innocent people were sacrificed on the altar of a communist utopia."

The mayor of Prague singled out the communist-era deception.

[Bohuslav Svoboda, Prague Mayor]:
"Communists were, are and will be liars. There is no lie they would be unwilling to use in their lust for power."

The Deputy Premier said that not only the Czech Republic but also other free countries have the oblitation to support political prisoners in totalitarian countries nowadays.

[Karolina Peake, Government Vice-chairman]:
"Various economic interests should not cause them to forget that the crimes of totalitarian regimes in various parts of the world still continue. They should help to suppress these regimes and help people who fight for freedom in these countries."

The Commemoration Day of Communist-era Victims falls on the anniversary of the execution of a well-known Czech democratic Parliament member Milada Horakova.

NTD News, Prague. Czech Republic.