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    Pastor Vishaal Behl & Enid Garima Behl - Preaching Glorious Gospel and saving souls.India


    by vishaal-behl

    Vishaal Behl preaching the Glorious Gospel to the people in India. Many precious souls gave their hearts to Jesus and excepted Lord Jesus as their God ,Savior. Vishaal has won more than 6000 precious souls for the Kingdom of Lord through out the World. And vishaal is continuing with his only mission in life to bring the lost souls to the Lord.Vishaal behl wants to plunder hell and populate Heaven. He wants to proclaim the Gospel to the ends of the Nations.
    Many have been set free, delivered,healed,saved through his Ministry. All the Glory be of Lord. Who is using Vishaal as his vessel to save,heal,deliver the people. Amen !

    Vishaal Behl ..
    Spread Gospel through out the world and save souls for the kingdom of Lord Jesus.
    Mission :-
    SAVE MORE N MORE SOULS. PROCLAIM THE PRECIOUS ,GLORIOUS " GOSPEL "TO THE ENDS OF THE NATIONS.As God has spoken to Vishaal to proclaim His Gospel to the ends of the nations.
    Vishaal says God heals people with His charm, and does amazing notable signs and wonders.
    Enid Garima Behl, Vishaal's wife is also an mighty woman of God, an evangelist and has been always in support for evangelism n winning souls for the Kingdom of LORD.
    Vishaal believes there are many people who are completely broken in life and depressed, looking for the ray of hope. This young evangelist and his team prays for these people. Their prayers' are to reach the lost at any cost and bring them to Jesus.
    “It has been such an awesome journey to see people give their lives to Jesus. Jesus is the Answer.“ - Brother Vishaal Behl.
    Enid Garima Behl.