Ghost In The Shell: Solid State Society _ Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society


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A.D. 2034: It has been two years since Motoko Kusanagi left Section 9. The new leader Togusa confronts a rash of complicated incidents, and investigations reveal that a hacker named the Master Puppeteer is behind the entire series of events.


I actually find it a lot easier to find subbed anime...and most american fans prefer subbed from what im told...mainly cause a lot is lost in dub translations...
By Sean Langan August
That's why I hate americans, they ruin the good anime by dubbing them and then they sound like crap, aaaand they also put their dubbed anime everywhere making the original japanese voiced one disappear. Wouldn't it had been EASIER to just sub it? And it also sounded original and much better when they scream and all those stuff.... Just look back to all the anime you ruined by dubbing them.
By Claudia Moldovan last year