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    Physical Stages - Fire & Ice - Highlights - AADA

    Highlights from our September 2011 show Physical Stages - Fire & Ice.

    Bachelor of Performance
    students in

    FIRE & ICE

    Devised by the Company
    Directed by Andrew Davidson &
    Anca Frankenhaeuser
    Dramaturgy by Margaret Davis
    Designed by Megan Venhoek
    Lighting Designed by Matt Cox

    Pilgrim Theatre
    September 2011

    Caught between the opposing of elements of FIRE & ICE, first year students at the Australian Academy of Dramatic Art blend physical theatre with text and song to chart a course through childhood memory and into the adult heart. Funny and passionate, this dynamic new work is devised and performed by students in Sydney's only independent theatre degree.


    Professional actor training is at the heart of the Bachelor of Performance degree. Our teachers represent the DNA of Australian theatre education. This combined industry experience offers our students the craft of an acting course plus the creative vibe of theatre making.

    More than an acting school. More than a drama school. Our students also study directing, design, lighting, sound, creative and critical thinking. They are uniquely placed to work as professional actors and have the tools to excel as a creators and producers of new work for theatre and film.

    Our graduates are sought after across Australia and overseas. They maintain a high rate of employment in the arts industry, make their own work in independent theatre, and pass on their knowledge in drama education. No waiting by the phone. No waiting tables.

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