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    Vang Vieng - 2

    Marc Valentine

    by Marc Valentine

    84 views Vang Vieng is famous for tubing - but what you may not know about Vang Vieng, is if you go at a particular time of the year… you can be part of a massive 'Rocket festival' a huge party that centres around firing enormous home-made rockets into the atmosphere.
    'Bun Bang Fai' - The official name of the rocket Festival is a symbolic call to the rain gods… basically hundreds of villagers & travellers gather by the rivers edge & fire massive rockets into the sky from makeshift launching platforms.
    Most of the town shuts down during 'Bun Bang Fai' which makes it difficult to go tubing… but after the festivities are done you can hit the river in your tube and get the most out of your visit to Vang Vieng