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Lostprophets interview - Jamie Oliver and Luke Johnson (part 5)

26 dagen geleden24 views

Jamie and Luke about Insecurity, keeping yourself grounded, Linkin Park

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Video interview with Jamie Oliver (synths) and Luke Johnson (drums) from the Welsh rockband Lostprophets. FaceCulture spoke to Oliver and Johnson about their first self produced album The Betrayed, the learning Process, Stuart Richardson as a producer, Ian Watkins' personality in the lyrics, musicianship, their previous three albums, honest album, the line of integrity, being responsible for all of the actions, being fake, not being understood by the record company, the title The Betrayed, a new beginning, finding a balance, being a rock act instead of a genre act, keeping yourself grounded, Luke Johnson as the new drummer, having the same background and writing new songs. (16/04/2010)

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Lostprophets interview - Jamie Oliver and Luke Johnson (part 5)
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