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    SEBASTIEN LOEB et la DS3 XL aux XGAMES 2012 à Los Angeles : Le triomphe des Frenchies !! ^^


    par Bruno

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    Les 2 courses de LOEB dans les XGames 2012
    The 2 races of LOEB in the XGames 2012
    The French and European arrive in the US XGames with their racing car and their pilot and ??? THEY WIN ! :-)
    VENI, VIDI, VICI like said Caesar ^^
    And please American try to forget for one time your old arrogance and stop to say "rookie" when you speak about LOEB THE GREAT !
    It is a pure joke to listen that for all the fans of rally around the world (except in the USA thus LOL)
    When you made an association of the name LOEB with the word "Rally" for the WRC or even for the Rally Cross, LOEB is never a rookie but the Greatest of the greats :-)
    Now I hope you saw and you know that ^^ :-)