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    Cpc Exam Prep- Tabbing Your Manuals


    by dm_4fee3f34627f8

    Tabbing your manuals. Jody wants to know what is the best way to tab your coding books and do footnotes? The less tabs, the better. Some tabs are good but don’t overtab. You have Appendix A which is a good one where the modifiers live in CPT. The index where that starts is good, maybe the Anesthesia section. Those types of things.

    Now, I like to keep the sides free because you know, you want to be able to flip through it really quick and the tabs will kind of get in your way. For ICD 9, we recommend tabbing the 3 main sections in the index, Index of Diseases, the Injury and Poisoning, or the Table of Drugs and Chemicals and then the Index to E Codes.

    In the tabular, we like to tab the V codes on top and the E codes. And then my personal favorite is Appendix E.