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    Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside interview - Sallie Ford (part 3)


    door FaceCulture

    Sallie Ford about Touring, disconnected, mother, bandmembers, singing voice, feminine, jazz

    Watch more videos at ‪‬ and follow us on ‪‬. Video interview with singer Sallie Ford from the american rock band Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside. FaceCulture spoke to Ford about Europe vs America, having a home, Portland, Oregon, family, her hometown Ashville, North Carolina, becoming someone new, adolescent, punk,being a nerd, depression, touring, feeling disconnected, mother, bandmembers, her singing voice, feminine, jazz, writing process, being honest, playing a role on stage, her debut album Dirty Radio, provocative art and her next album. (28/11/2011)