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    Lori Lieberman interview (part 8)


    door FaceCulture

    Lori about The performance in the Netherlands in December, Celine Cairo, Henny Vrienten

    Watch more videos at ‪‬ and follow us on ‪‬. Video interview with singer-songwriter Lori Lieberman. FaceCulture spoke to Lieberman about turning sixty, finding the real Lori Lieberman, the meaning of the song Bend Like Steel, her father, having a lot to tell, the song If Not Now, the credits for Killing Me Softly, Don McLean, the meaning of the song Cup Of Girl, wanting to speak up, Mr. and Mrs Make-Believe, marriage and divorce, the song My Sisters Boyfriend, growing up very protected, cleaning up, The Netherlands and the song Netherlands, the cover of Cecilia, the album title Bend Like Steel, being flexible and more open, preforming in The Netherlands in December with Celine Cairo, Henny Vrienten