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    Janet Pomeroy Center in San Francisco


    by jmeverndm

    20 views | When I attended Lowell High and San Francisco State, I always drove by the sign "The Janet Pomeroy Center". I had no idea what this place was or what they did. Years later, I would never have known that the Janet Pomeroy Center offered so many services to the physically and mentally challenged individuals. By Janet Pomeroy language, the individuals are known as clients. The Center's mission is to treat everyone as if they had the normal capability as persons in the real world. The Center includes swimming, art and dance classes as well as other recreational activity. Most of the clients are suprisingly smart and are very easy to talk to. The Janet Pomeroy Center offers a place where each client is loved and respected for who they are. They aren't judged and treated like outcasts.

    The entire staff, administration and donors are dedicated to give the clients a normal life. I am honored to have created their promotional video for the Janet Pomeroy Center.