Marvin's Room (Explicit) // Kiddosheldy (Drake Cover/Remix)

Hariz Sych
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Whassup! I'm back with my own version of Drake's "Marvin's Room"! Wanted to record this down like 2 weeks ago but yeah, this week's the week!

Instrumental used:

All rights goes to Drake Aubrey Graham and UMG

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TWITTER: @kiddosheldy


1st Verse:
You know I've been a mess-up
Looking back at the past, I know I've fucked up
"How are you girl? So what's up?"
And I've been waiting for that reply, I know things have been rough
We use to call up and text each other everyday
It was cool, we use to kick it and laugh all day
Now we just 'hi' and 'hello' as if we don't care
So as if you think it's a play? Its not okay
I use to treat you like a princess, just more, no less
And you took me like your jester, call that misery at best
For a moment you admitted I'm better than the rest
And I realised you're not one of a kind, you're just like the rest
And don't compare me to other boys, I did what I can
Maybe because of you, I'll be a better man
I thought out of all people, you would understand
It takes two hands to clap, so where the fuck is your hand?

Maybe you could do better, way better than before
After this breakup, things won't be the same as before
And we gon' keep breaking butterflies on the wheel
As time passes by, these broken hearts will heal

2nd Verse:
To think you were my forever, now you're my never
Now you stopped writing this story, who's the other half of the author
You were my dream, then you became my reality
Now we had to breakup, you became a distant memory
You're just like a drug, I fucking need you
You take me to the highest, I'm addicted to you
And now where the hell are you, where have you been
I've been thinking about you every day, Frank Ocean song been on replay, I'm coming clean
You were my queen, I serve you to and fro
Now you sleep on the bed of roses, you give me shoulder degree below
Zero emotions and thoughts were put into this
And this one mistake, I'm sad for it
I can write you a thousand love songs, and you never know it
And this one song alone shows I've been in too much shit
It's true I guess, they said it's easier said than done
You said it easy, I'm doing it weighing million tons