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    Alex Ebert: 'I was looking for death in drugs'


    door FaceCulture

    "In college, I did a lot of XTC and it really fucked up my body. I wanted to disassociate. I realised later that the reason I was looking for death, in a way, was that I really didn't know how to approach death."

    Watch more video's on Video interview with American singer songwriter Alex Ebert. FaceCulture spoke to Alex about his first solo album Alexander, his father's work as a psychotherapist, his clients, childhood therapy, hitting other kids, trouble at school, becoming a clown, rap music, Run DMC, drugs, rehab, accepting death, religion, magic, Edward Sharpe, Spiderman, Jesus, proud parents and more! Alex even plays the song Let's Win live! (18/02/2011)