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    Assisted Living Ogden - What is Lotus Park Assisted Living?

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    In this video, Angie Simpson, the administrator of Lotus Park Assisted Living, discusses what is Lotus Park Assisted Living.

    "Lotus Park is a 32 bed assisted living facility located in West Haven, a beautiful area that is surrounded by pastures and homes. It looks like some place that maybe your Grandma would live when you drive up. You don't necessarily think that it's a facility. You think it's just a really nice large home.

    It kind of is unique to Lotus Park. A lot of facilities you drive up and you know it's a facility. But here, people that I've run into have said "I just thought it was somebody's home being built" but it's not. It's a lot larger when you get in it. When you see it from the front it does look like a nice sized home, but then they get in and walk in it and it looks a lot bigger.

    But compared to some of the other facilities that carry 100+ patients, we don't do that. We only can have 32 patients in here and it's not a place that you're going to get lost in. You're to going to walk in here and have to go find somebody to find where you're going to do. There's only a few hallways and there's no more than 7 rooms in a hallway, so nobody gets lost.

    I hope this video has answered some of your questions about Lotus Park Assisted Living. Please feel free to contact us. Come down, take a tour, we would love to meet you."

    For more information about Assisted Living in Ogden Utah, please visit or call us at (801) 590-7453

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