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    Edwyn Collins makes record after two strokes


    door FaceCulture

    As frontman of Orange Juice, Edwyn Collins was the centre of the 80s post punk scene in Scotland. Two strokes in 2005 changed his life forever. Now, with his album Losing Sleep, which was released last month, Collins is back in business. "My speech is slow, but my songs are perfect."

    Watch more videos at and follow us on Video interview with Scottish musician Edwyn Collins. FaceCulture spoke to the former Orange Juice frontman about Amsterdam, his new solo album Losing Sleep, fast and easy songs, positive and full of energy songs, the single Losing Sleep, his stroke, being angry with himself, the song It Dawns on me, staying happy, his wife Grace, collaborations, making music, interpretation of the songs, tape recorder, the surprising end result, the joy of working again, BBC Documentary Home Again, playing guitar, drawing with left hand, the importance of both passions (drawing and music), his son William, being lazy, having this illness, the hospital, making progress, singing perfectly, recalling old songs, memories, identity, working hard, not being shy, to be on stage again, his plans for the future, and more.