Interview Papa Roach - Jacoby Shaddix (part 1)

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Watch the whole interview on . Video interview with singer Jacoby Shaddix from the American rock band Papa Roach. FaceCulture spoke to Shaddix about the beginning of the band, his stolen bass guitar, singing, Dave Buckner, the new drummer Tony Palermo, supporting fans, changes in musical style, process of self discovery, constant factor, rock singer, rap, not ashamed of the past, the new record Time For Annihilation, new songs, inspiration, modern sound, Jimi Hendrix, being the creator of his own misery, self realisation, 10 years later, the Single Kick In The Teeth, old record company, greatest hits album, independent rock label, bitter sweet memories, music and extreme sports, internet, interact with the fans, title of the album, vinyl, playing live, being a junkie for the rock show, Fight The Sky, and more.

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