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    Opeth interview - Martin Mendez (part 1)


    door FaceCulture

    Martin Mendez about Their anniversary, joining Opeth, leaving Opeth, learning riffs

    Watch more videos at and follow us on Video interview with lead vocalist Mikael Akerfeldt and bass player Martin Mendez from Swedish heavy metal band Opeth. FaceCulture spoke to Mikael Akerfeldt and Martin Mendez about their 10 years anniversary, joining the band, leaving the band, learning riffs, Opeth 10 years ago, hipies, musical envolvement, Peter Lindgren, creative input, Watershed, looking back, satisfaction, touring, shows, travelling, children, Burden, The Scorpions, living, dying, vibe of songs, lyrics, Porcelain Heart, suicide, death, children, video's and more. (25/11/2008)