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    Episode 6 - Busking in Australia - Busking in the rain (Perth/Fremantle) - English Version

    June Caravel

    par June Caravel

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    Busking in Australia - Episode 6 - Busking in the rain - Perth/Fremantle (English version)

    To busk (/bʌsk/) intr.v. busked, busk·ing, busks. To play music or perform entertainment in a public place, usually while soliciting money.

    June Caravel is parachuted in Australia, a country she's never been to.

    Rule n°1: She can only use the money she earns while busking to eat, sleep and tour Australia.
    Rule n°2: She must be back in Sydney to catch her return plane 2 months later.

    June Caravel arrives in rainy Perth. She discovers Douglas Boucheix, her host who play s didgeridoo and Sean Fitzsimons, her host in Fremantle who she does a featuring with on her track London Song. She also discovers the market of Fremantle and goes to see Kangaroos.

    Filmed by Moéa Neuville.
    Edited by June Caravel.
    Produced by Paris upon Thames Ltd.

    Copyright Paris upon Thames 2012.

    'Primavera', 'Summertime"
    Available on the album The A Cappella Sessions by June Caravel (ITunes, CDBaby)