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    How to get a $10/$20 or even $25 giftcard code- Bamboo Wallet/RewardMe

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    If your on an Android, download junowallet, it's basicly the same thing except more offers. and earn a dollar in engagements.
    JunoWallet Tutorial- Download & Use Code: xx102306 when you download @ to get a $0.25 deposit instantly (Trust me it makes a BIG difference)
    **Here is How to get your Free $10 iTunes Gift Card**
    -When signing up and filling in your details use code:xx102306 to get 25 cents instantly
    -the best thing to do after you signup is to download as many apps as they give you in the "rewards per install section"
    -download, open them and check to see if you got credit (let it load a little)
    -check every hour to see if you have new ones after that-Fill up "Rewards per fans" and "rewards per task" as well (those have been the ones that worked best for me
    -after 2 or 3 days, you should have almost $10 (hopefully sooner) and the apps they give you will be slower, so that's why using the code: XX102306 can make a big difference
    -just be patient you'll get more tasks
    *Extra Ninja Tip* - Invite your friends to use your invite code and you will make 50cents from them after they install 3 apps, cool hu?
    -once you have $10 simply choose the gift card you want and redeem it, you will then have the gift card locked for 24 hours before you can redeem it (idk why)
    -after that you'll have the gift card unlocked and can use it however you want :)
    -Rinse and repeat, and That's it

    I will say offers get more scarce (at least in my case) once you hit $10, so it might not make you $100 in a week from downloading apps, but a $10 gift card in 3-4 days is pretty good,and for doing super simple and fun stuff (you just have to open apps and then delete them once you get the credit, or keep em if you like them, there are some cool ones)

    anyway that's it, share this video with your friends, favorite for easy reference and like it :)

    Now go get your gift card!

    download @ and enter code: xx102306


    PS Here are the available gift cards they give you:
    itunes gift card
    ebay gif card
    psn gift car
    xbox gift card
    starbucks gift card
    nintendo 3ds giftcard
    rixty prepaid card