Red Hook Summer - trailer HD (2012) Spike Lee (Clarke Peters, Jules Brown, Toni Lysaith, Nate Parker, James Ransone, Thomas Jefferson Byrd)

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In theaters: August 10th, 2012
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Red Hook Summer - trailer HD

του Σπάικ Λι
με τους Λίμαρι Αγκόστο, Σουμάγια Άλι, Τάρον Κόφι Αλέιν, Ντε Άντρε Αζίζα, Τζόναθαν Μπατίστ

Ένα αγόρι της μεσαίας τάξης από την Ατλάντα βρίσκει την κοσμοθεωρία του να αλλάζει καθώς περνά το καλοκαίρι με τον βαθιά θρησκευόμενο παππού του στα στεγαστικά προγράμματα της Ρεντ Χουκ, στο Μπρούκλιν.

The latest in Spike Lee's Chronicles of Brooklyn anthology--which also includes "She's Gotta Have It" (1986), "Do The Right Thing" (1989), "Crooklyn" (1994), "Clockers" (1995), and "He Got Game" (1998)--RED HOOK SUMMER tells the story of Flik Royale (Jules Brown), a sullen young boy from middle-class Atlanta who has come to spend the summer with his deeply religious grandfather, Bishop Enoch Rouse (Clarke Peters), in the housing projects of Red Hook. Having never met before, things quickly get off on the wrong foot as Bishop Enoch relentlessly attempts to convert Flik into a follower of Jesus Christ. Between his grandfather's constant preaching and the culture shock of inner-city life, Flik's summer appears to be a total disaster--until he meets Chazz Morningstar (Toni Lysaith), a pretty girl his age, who shows Flik the brighter side of Brooklyn. Through her love and the love of his grandfather, Flik begins to realize that the world is a lot bigger, and perhaps a lot better, than he'd ever imagined.

Genre: Drama
Director: Spike Lee
Cast: Clarke Peters, Jules Brown, Toni Lysaith, Nate Parker, James Ransone, Thomas Jefferson Byrd
Run Time: 121 minutes

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