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    Homeless IT Worker Will Code for Latte

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    by Geo Beats

    Homeless IT Worker Will Code for Latte - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    It's not uncommon to see creative solicitation signs by homeless individuals at urban intersections.

    Holding a sign that reads, “Will code for latte,” a homeless woman in Sydney, Australia is also a computer programmer.

    She has her own iPhone, laptop, website and Facebook account, but is struggling to make ends meet. "I'd rather be connected than have a place to stay," said 39 year old Adelle Hartley.

    She lost her job when her latest contract ended after working in Sydney for ten years.

    She said some people give her weird looks when she is using her cell phone and holding a sign advertising her homelessness and willingness to do freelance computer work in exchange for money. One man even yelled at her for using her cell phone on the street.

    The Washington Post reports that 30 to 45 percent of homeless people in Washington DC have cell phones. It is an important asset for people to be able to communicate even while they are living on the streets. Finding housing and a job can depend on reliable communication, which is a challenge for those without cell phones.