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    10. Series 1 Part 9 [Countdown to Armageddon, Ansar ul Mahdi and the Messenger's Will]

    أنيس غني

    by أنيس غني

    In this video we look at the qualities of honour and truthfulness, present in warrior cultures such as those of the Samurai but also inherent within the messengers, particularly Muhammad and his family (as). The video also looks at developments around the world seeking signs for the approach of the Mahdi and the Minor Resurrection.

    We do not own any rights to sound tracks within this video, all rights are reserved by the respective organisations and they have been acknowledged within the video.

    We extend thanks to the Ansar of Syed Ahmad al Hasan al Yamani whose audio we have borrowed for the section on the Messenger's Will.

    We hope that this video not only introduces people to the reality of the Yamani's call but also brings a sense of reality to the wider populace.

    This is the penultimate video in the current series. After part 10 there will be a short break before we commence with series 2.

    Thank you for watching.