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    The mini sites secret to making money with Amazon


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    Free-spending Paul is in trouble again with his girlfriend, Lisa. Turns out he's been spending a lot of their weekly budget on buying goodies from Amazon. Luckily for Paul however, his luck is about to change! On the advice of his friend and co-worker Eric, he's about the check out the free report: Selling Shovels to Internet Gold-diggers, and find out how he can make an income through Amazon-related mini sites....

    Paul: I’m in trouble again with Lisa

    Eric: What’s up?

    Paul: I blew a whole chunk of change on Amazon this week. Not so good for the shared budget

    Eric: Funny you should mention Amazon

    Paul: Why?

    Eric: Because I’ve just read a report that was all about making money using Amazon

    Paul: You mean like selling products on Amazon?

    Eric: Close. Why don’t you check out the report for yourself? It’s a quick read – and free to download

    Paul: I’ll try anything once! Where do I get it?

    Eric: You can download it at web prosperity now dot com slash shovel seller

    You can get this free guide that shows you how to make money using Amazon mini sites at