Secrets of Sri Lankan Vegetarian Cooking - Introduction

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Details of Secrets Of Sri Lankan Vegetarian Cooking
Title: Secrets Of Sri Lankan Vegetarian Cooking

Category: Culinary

Language: English

Format: DVD

Year: 2010

Manufacturer: Super Audio [Madras] Pvt Ltd

Track listings:

Sri Lankan culture is a blend of rich and diverse influences and its cuisine is a perfect reflection of its culture. The food here is hot and spicy, perfectly complimenting the weather and warm hospitality of the people who live here. The staple food is rice and is accompanied by a variety of flavourful curries, some of which you will learn in this DVD. Wholesome, exotic, simmering with spices yet tempered with rich coconut milk, all the recipes in this DVD are authentically Sri Lankan, yet toned down for a tourist’s palette. Let our chefs guide you through the Secrets of Sri Lankan Vegetarian Cooking and take your very own gastronomical journey through the very best of Sri Lankan cuisine. YOUNG JACKFRUIT CURRY MUSHROOM AND KANKUN TEMPERED JACKFRUIT CURRY AMBERELLA CURRY GREEN VEGETABLE FRIED RICE WOOD APPLE CRUMBLE MILK RICE (OR) DAMUL KIRIBATH