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United Advisory Partners will give your business the tools, resources and services you need to thoroughly evaluate, fund, and administer your business deal. We will help you determine key factors, consequences, deal-breakers and opportunities that stand between you and the decision to buy, sell or finance your business. Find out how your organization can benefit from United Advisory Partners 's extensive experience and full line of investment banking services by contacting a United Advisory Partners financial professional for more information.
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Business Selling Strategy
The sale of a private business is usually a unique event in the life of a business. It is not always easy for the business owner to decide whether a sale is the correct course of action. Selling a company demands that company executives manage the myriad of details and logistics of the transaction. A United Advisory Partners financial professional can help you navigate through all of the details involved in such a complex and sometimes emotional transaction.
Acquisition Strategy
Buying, acquiring, or consolidating a company can be an effective method of achieving growth. In a well executed transaction, the leading company can expect that the two companies together will be stronger and more profitable than either company was previously. United Advisory Partners partners are experienced in the intricacies of the purchase process. Our continuously updated international database of prospects and nationwide footprint of talent and resources offer clients a unique opportunity to quickly identify and acquire companies for sale. We can even source the equity and debt necessary to fund the project.
Financing Strategy
Companies that seek partnership buyouts, acquisition financing, and growth funding occasionally find that customary financing mechanisms don't cover the range of growth activities they want to pursue. That is why United Advisory Partners championed a service devoted exclusively to financing the needs of middle market businesses. United Advisory Partners provides financial advisory services to middle market businesses, working closely with clients to devise the appropriate capital structure to support their ownership requirements and growth strategies. We maintain relationships with private equity firms, venture capital firms, factors, banks, leveraged buyout funds, mezzanine lenders, insurance companies, and finance companies. We assist you in structuring the terms of the financing, addressing inter-creditor issues, coordinating investor/lender due diligence, and working with all parties towards a successful closing.

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