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    How GameDesk Is Revolutionizing Educational Gaming


    How GameDesk Is Revolutionizing Educational Gaming
    The Gamification Summit - The Concourse Exhibition Center
    AT&T Foundation president Beth Shiroishi presents Gamification for Social Good: Learning from AT&T. As the grasp of gamification spreads in ubiquity, it is no surprise that the use of gamification will become increasingly important for all areas of social responsibility. GameDesk is one such non-profit that has worked to reimagine gamification for many different disciplines and AT&T has partnered up with GameDesk to revolutionize education nationwide. As the Vice President of Sustainability & Philanthropy at AT&T, Beth Shiroishi has worked extensively overseeing the innovative processes at work for social good. Come see Beth speak about the importance of gamification in social responsibility/philanthropy and how companies can leverage gamification in these important categories."