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    Eben Pagan Guru Product Blueprints 2012 Review


    by Dmitry

    Hey, tell me about Guru Product Blueprints by Eben Pagan, is it any good?
    The GURU Product Blueprints is latest training program for authors, speakers, coaches and experts who want to learn how to publish information products online and package their advice into high-quality information products. The main body of the program is a series live webinars and events + online video training over 10 weeks period.
    Ok, sound interesting, do you know what is included in the course?
    Eben will walk the members through how he created his top selling products – which have done over a million dollars in sales each. What is more important, members will also get actionable templates and instructions for creating their own products, based on Eben’s Pagan winning models. The program will cover books, video programs, audio programs, consulting, group coaching, membership programs, continuity, live events, and much more.
    OK, where I can learn more?
    Check out link in the description below it has all the information you need. Eben Pagan is giving away a great amount of information in his prelaunch videos and I highly suggest that you watch them, even if you do not plan to buy the course. I am sure in the free content that he gives away you can pick up one or two ideas that you can use in your business to make more money. Just visit the link below to get all the information.