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    Cheerleading coach Megan Crafton faces sex scandal felony

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    Megan Crafton, a part time cheerleading coach at Shelbyville High School in Indianapolis, is facing felony charges. The 22-year-old is in trouble for performing sexual acts on a 17-year-old basketball player.

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    Police investigated after rumors went around the school and school officials decided to investigate. On June 15 Crafton turned herself in to police.

    The sex act, which occurred in a grocery store parking lot, would not be illegal if Crafton did not work at the boy's high school. In Indiana the age of consent is 16, but it's illegal for a person who has authority over a student to have relations with students under 18.

    Megan Crafton says she is innocent because she did not have authority over the 17-year-old student. If convicted she faces up to three years in jail. Crafton's trial is set for Sept. 24.