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4443 and chequemate - Manipulation

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Brian's lies

His julian date of birth Jan 11th 1944 = 31101 at 3:44 in vid

The article he posted titled (WHY THE KJV 1611 IS IMPERFECT) dated Aug 2nd, 2001 states (I was born on January 11th 1944 Julian day number 2431100)

Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall ~ Holy Conspiracy!

The man brian does Nothing but Lie. it came up in search for when i went lookin for his julian day number. Thanks angels, all the stuff i posted for BnJ over the years sure do come in handy! lol


Excellent work Gwynne High Five!

theglastonburygirl finds:
1st lie: he states the word "city" occurs 777 in the bible and is the distance of various measuments of his choosing .KJV Concordance for -"CITY"- "CITY" occurs 870 times in 779 verses in the KJV FF......

2nd lie....he states that God is found 4443 times in 3877 verses! KJV Concordance for -"GOD"- "GOD" occurs 4473 times in 3893 verses in the KJV FF

There are lots of other lying measurements too but I can't be assed sitting around pawning him all the he was an easy looser. To think little old me can outwit the fucking, fraudulent freak.


Even the bible codes, Proves what a shiesty (deceitful, untrustworthy) manipulating piece of work Brian really is. Jehovah 3068 is the Real Name of God, Not yahweh. (according to the same place brian uses) also Strongs Concordance of H888 1) to be evil, be bad, be displeasing (with the sound of ash) ~ G888 - 1) useless, good for nothing.

English Gematria 888 is Jesus, but has Nothing to do with the Deceiver Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall

Being Gullible, Lost, Depressed, Looking for Hope in this shit ass world, those are the things that he thrives on, like a soul sucking vampire

Why is Brian Not God ~ Here's a few Examples

Brian is God? More Examples of I Don't Think So!

What I think of Brian Marshall's Chessboard