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In this video, Angie Simpson, the administrator of Lotus Park Assisted Living, discusses how they managed to keep the room quiet for the residents.

"Another unique thing to this building is that they've built it double studded, it has double insulation. It was very interesting to me that this really worked because the owners had told me they did this and I was like "well that's cool, does it really work?" We've all been in hotels rooms where the guy next door is so loud you can't sleep and it's annoying. We didn't want that to be an issue because older people already have a hard time sleeping. They don't need noise to keep them up too.

So they told me all this stuff, they made this unique and it would keep all this sound down, and I was like "okay that's really nice". Well I was doing a tour and took a family in one of the rooms. The girls were vacuuming the halls and it as really noisy. I was almost ready to go out and tell them to turn off the vacuum. They didn't see that I was already there or they would have turned it off -- they didn't know I was doing this tour. So we just stepped into the room and I shut the door. All of us -- even the family that I was touring with -- went "that's so quiet". I was shocked that it really worked.

So this is a quiet place. You do not have to listen to the deaf guy next door's TV that's screaming. You won't. It's not going to interrupt your sleep or your peace.

I hope this video has answered some of your questions about Lotus Park Assisted Living. Please feel free to contact us. Come down, take a tour, we would love to meet you."

For more information about Assisted Living in Ogden Utah, please visit or call us at (801) 590-7453

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