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    Assisted Living Ogden Utah - About Lotus Park Assisted Living Staff

    Assisted Living Ogden Utah. Visit or call us at (801) 590-7453 for more information about assisted living in Ogden Utah.

    In this video, Angie Simpson, the administrator of Lotus Park Assisted Living, discusses about the staff of Lotus Park Assisted Living

    "I have real strong feelings about how a staff should be. It's all personality. It seems to me that God just made a few people on this earth who were made for this kind of work. Not everybody can do this work. So we seek out personalities that can, first of all, mesh together. We want them to be able to be compatible and work together.

    Once I go out and find my core staff, the people I want to start this little business going with, I want to then -- once I get them trained and get them knowing how to do everything we want them to do correctly -- then as we grow I want to recruit their friends. I just don't want to go out and hire anybody that's qualified, I want to hire their friends.

    It seems like like personalities attract and that's what we want. We want everybody that is friends, they get along, they love each other. We want it to feel like home and therefore we want our staff to love each other. If our staff loves each other they'll love the residents.

    And the feelings are mutual, we will love them and they will love us. It will be a really nice place to live. We want a spirit of happiness and friendship here, we want it to feel like a happy home. There are a lot of sad homes out there, we don't want it to be that way. We want it to be happy.

    There is an energy that is created by the staff, and that type of a good energy we want here. People can tell when there's tension in the staff. People can feel it and we don't want them to ever feel like that. So if we recruit friends, then we're good.

    I hope this video has answered some of your questions about Lotus Park Assisted Living. Please feel free to contact us. Come down, take a tour, we would love to meet you."

    For more information about Assisted Living in Ogden Utah, please visit or call us at (801) 590-7453

    Assisted Living Ogden Utah