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    Nonick 2012 Bilbao: Best of. Summary: Music and speakers' funny "I like it, like it"



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    Nonick 2012: Video and music editing (Rihannas S&M song). Music and speakers' funny "I like it, like it". Nonick is the International Conference on Digital Business Trends organized in Bilbao by (Basque Public Radio and TV Group's website) and the Basque Government.

    In this conference-ending funny video a/o: Gary Stewart, executive director of Wayra (Telefonica group), Joshua Wiiliams (Microsoft), Mark Barlet, AbleGamers Foundation (President & Founder), Courtney Guerting, (Co-founder & CTO), PiewDiePie. Pewdie. (Felix Kjellberg), Thomas Komair (Digipen Europe), John Bolduan (Gestionet), Christian Lönnholm, MuchDifferent (CEO) and Dante Simpson, EON Interactive (Global President)

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